The Obliques are longform answers to questions regarding travel, lifestyle and optimisation.

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The Method notes are meant to answers to recurring questions on productivity, advised from daily logs recorded over many years.


The Mirrors are a collection of notes and articles mirrored on here for safekeeping and offline access.

The Glossary is a collection of keywords related to epistemology. The Biases cheatsheet is a list of compiled fallacies, effects, and biases. The Tiers cheatsheet displays a spectrum of decision-making and mindsets.


The Lifestyle notes are explanations for some of my lifestyle choices.


The Directory is a list of timeless art that I often refer to.


The Inventory is a detailed collection of various pieces of equipment used in the creation of XXIIVV.

The currently used Camera to these projects is the Sony a6000, while a lot of the previous photography was done mainly with a now deceased Leica M8. This mechanical keyboard is the Vortex Poker II PBT Mechanical Keyboard with Blank Mint PBT caps.


The Nomad notes are reflexions on travel, and on my dreams of a nomadic life.

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