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Numbers, is a script that generates the name of numbers with 50'000 characters and beyond.

It uses various extensions of the short word form, and ISQ inspired names, to create the names of numbers which have never previously been catalogued.

One Million 6 zeros
One Quindecillion 48 zeros
One Quattuortrigintallion 105 zeros
One Unnonagintallion 276 zeros
One Quattuortrecentillion 915 zeros
One Unseptuagintasescentillion 2016 zeros
One Duotrigintatrillinillion 9999 zeros
One Quattuorquadragintaoctillinillion 24135 zeros
One Octillinillion 25203 zeros
One Treoctogintaquadringentimilligillion 31452 zeros
One Novennonagintaseptingentimilligillion 32400 zeros
One Senonagintamilligillion 40191 zeros
One Quinsexagintamilligillion 49998 zeros

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