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The Neauismetica is a collection of notes on the fictional world of Dinaisth.

  • 1 Neon hermetism
  • 1.2 Ehrivevnv
  • 1.3 Neausea
  • 1.4 Nohlxeserre
  • 1.5 Feu
  • 1.6 Soies
  • 2 Dinaisth
  • 2.2 Neau
  • 2.3 Kanikule
  • 2.4 Laeisth
  • 2.5 Vetetrandes
  • 2.6 Duomo
  • 3 Characters
  • 3.2 Yajnev
  • 3.3 Rlionn
  • 3.4 Andes
  • 3.5 Neonev
  • 3.6 Paradichlorisse
  • Referenced in almost all of the Nataniev projects, tales of this small planet are told through Aliceffekt's music, Devine's illustrations and are the culture behind the Lietal Language.

    Neon hermetism

    Founded by Yajnev, the Neon Hermetists are a collective of scientists involved in the creation of machines to study time.

    The Ehrivevnv is a dimensional puzzle presenting itself as a large cube, found immobile on the surface of a nearby sun.
    Neausea is the symptoms of knowing its position amongst all possibilities, a sort of conceptspace awakening.
    Nohlxeserre is a language that, when heard or read, delivers a richer and more precise rendition of its meaning than actual experience.
    Feu, or The End Of Science, is the era dominated by oracle machines, where sentience and existance are irrelevant.
    Soies, is a mean by which one can traverse the occuring, possible and impossible spaces.


    Dinaisth is both the name of the planet and of a continent which harbors Andes' offices.

    Neau is a circular city, notable for its blue rooftops, displaying a tall spire at its center. It is also the place from which the Neauismetica derives its name.
    Kanikule is an infinite ocean that an immortal will spend an infitite amount of time crossing, effectively reaching the outer-shores mortal.
    Laeisth is a desert surrounding the Rlionn Oasis, a blackened chasm where creeps the clones of its violent host.
    Vetetrandes once was the largest city of Dinaisth, before Yajnev caused it to become unreachable.
    The Duomo plateau rises far above the lightest atmosphere of Dinaisth. The empty land has but one location of interest, Paradichlorisse.


    A branch of Neon Hermetists aspiring to solve the Ehrivevnv puzzle, often called The Courtship Of The Immortal Birds.

    Yajnev, who's death engulfed Vetetrandes in an opaque and impenetrable lock, was the Neon Hermetism founder.
    Rlionn, Ehrleeon, is an important and recurring Immortal intelligence from the Neauismetica for she is the mother of Neonev and regent of Laeisth.
    Andes traversed into Dinaisth's timeline shortly before the first season and brought along tools to study the Ehrivevnv.
    Neonev, daughter of Rlionn, has traveled Dinaisth after she had appeared on a raft from Kanikule during the first season.
    Paradichlorisse has appeared around the Yajnev Collapse, known to speak a dialect of Nohlxeserre.

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