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Nataniev is a development engine built within a MUD environment.

Initiated in 2011, this custom engine includes a CLI, formerly known as Paradise, two different flat-files database parsers and its own unique APIs syntax. It serves this website, Hundred Rabbits, Grimgrains, as well as Twitter Bots.

Single scripts and repositories, known as vessels and instances, exist as locations in this Ecosystem and can be visited through the CLI. For example, each Automaton exist as a character that can be found within Paradise; this page exist as a page in a book, in a library that can also be entered and explored.

Deep within this virtual structure, sleeps a small office - and in it a desk, on which rests a book that translates Russian words into English.

Horaire is a logbook that holds daily creative output entries, logged for each day since April 2006. This rigid lifestyle expriment is aiming at discerning and predicting the creativity patterns of Devine Lu Linvega. The latest visualisation of these logs can be seen here.

Multiplayer Operating System

The Interactive Fiction client is currently being developed to allow anyone to enter, explore and build within the library. The new version will allow anyone to deploy their own instance of Nataniev, and travel from theirs, to this one seemlessly.

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