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The Neauismetica is a collection of notes on the history of Dinaisth, the connecting thread that seepds through the works of Devine Lu Linvega.

Incessantly dreamt of, the city of Neau and its radiant blue rooftops were the first to populate my dreams.

Changing as I did, the horizon line didn't seem so far anymore and as I drifted away from Neau across the Cyan Ocean with Neonev, maybe I died of old age but she lived on.

I often think of this machine-plant patience in the sand sand filled air of Vetetrandes. Continually mouthing at this impossible sentence, words longer than any span of time, continually luring pilgrims who die at its feet.

Resting my eyes, I see Scientists, sometimes praying by the Ehrivevnv, idle at the cliffsides of Duomo, treading on the edge of Occurence. Other nights I see the gathering of the birds, ready to leave Dinaisth far behind.

Et haec revelantur in virtute et veritate
non Vi.

Referenced in almost all of the hexagrammaton projects, tales of this world are told through music, illustrations and are the culture behind the Lietal Language, as seen through the eyes of the Immortal Birds traveling across seasons of Dinaisth.

The Neauismetica portal was assembled for the curious enthusiast, audiophile and reader, but might confuse the accidental visitor. If you found your way onto this page by accident, begin by reading the Introduction.

Neon hermetism

Neon Hermetism is a collection of experiments by scientists, operating as the Immortal Birds, involved in the creation of machines to study time.


The Ehrivevnv, of The Methamondst Conclave, is a dimensional puzzle. The puzzle presents itself as the simplest primitive allowed by the current navigationable dimension.


Soies, The Size of Impossibilities, is a core concept used by the Neon Hermetism to traverse the occuring, possible and impossible spaces.


The word means the exit of an impossibly long space by traveling an infinitely long time, or countering an impossible event with another.


Nohlxeserre, or Language of the Birds, is the spoken language by the Courtship of The Immortal Birds. It is said that the language spilled out from the Ehrivevnv.


Feu, or The End Of Science, is the moment when the happening is happening too fast for one to grasp.


Dinaisth is both the name of a marble, and that of the continent arbouring the Offices of the Immortal Birds in the Neauismetica.


Notable for its blue rooftops, the circular city displays a tall spire at its center. The city lends its name to the Neauismetica for it was the origin of all life in Dinaisth and the first sighting of Lietal. The city exists at the center of the vast ocean of Kanikule.


Being an infinite cyan space, an immortal will spend an infitite amount of time crossing the ocean, effectively reaching the outer-shores mortal. Reaching the island, coming from the outtet-shores is not feasable.


The warm desert of Dinaisth is host to the Rlionn Oasis, a blackened ditch home to the mortal clones of its violent host.


The observable portion of the island appears as broken structures remains of the city that once stood there, called Yajnev.


The Duomo plateau rises far above the lightest atmosphere of Dinaisth.



Immortal Birds are individuals looking working on the Ehrivevnv, aspiring to reach the center of the dimensional puzzle. The group is often called The Courtship Of The Immortal Birds, taking its name from the Language Of The Birds.


Not much is known about this lifeform, besides that it appeared around the Yajnev Collapse, speaking a dialect of Nohlxeserre.


Yajnev who's death triggered the first season, often referred to as the "Yajnev Collapse". The event engulfed Vetetrandes in a "loss of time", opaque and impenetrable.


Rlionn, Ehrleeon, is an important and recurring Immortal intelligence from the Neauismetica for she is the mother of Neonev and regent of the Laeisth sands and Oasis.


Andes, immortal, who slipped into Dinaisth's timeline shortly before the first season.


Neonev is the protagonist of the Neauismetica. She traveled Dinaisth for a long time. She appeared on the raft in Kanikule during the first season and is a Daughter of Rlionn, Immortal.

Devine lu linvega

Devine lu linvega is a developer living aboard a sailboat on the Pacific Ocean.


Ludivine is an automated vessel, traveling around the virtual scapes of Nataniev looking for incomplete vessels and errors.

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