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This collection of mobile apps constitutes a series of games, tools and experiments about interative design and linguistics. The development and patches are tracked across the Echorridoors repositories.


Named after a Borges short of the same name, similarly to Entaloneralie, this application is a cryptic watchface for iOS.

Every second, the labyrinth reorganize itself to display the time with its twists and turns. It takes a little practice to be able to see the patterns in the lines. Clicking on the screen will unveil the time as seen in this video. The original application was created in 30 minutes for a micro jam.

If you have a Pebble Watch, you can download it as a watchface, the Pebble C script was written by Chase Colburn and is also available on Github. The screensaver version was done by Tekgo and was also added to the source code.


Ledoliel is a strange dating toy for iOS.

Procedural creatures and their bizarre customs, where you must try and figure out what topics they might want to discuss, gift they might want to receive and places they may like to be touched - based on their cryptic attributes.

Keyboard 468

The Keyboard 468 is a 18 keys keyboard that sorts characters by the most likely letter to follow the last input.

So you always only need to type using the two rows at the top, maximizing the space and allowing for big large letters. The hidden letters are accessible through the alt key, alongside symbols and numbers.

Privacy Policy

This policy exists to inform you that the keyboard does not record, save, harvest or send any data of any type. The application, and its keyboard extension is self contained and does not keep any data. The active source code is also available to demonstrate that the keyboard does not hold onto your content.


Hiversaires is a textless point-n-click for players who remember games where you had to draw maps.

Hiversaires is the first part of a series of textless games, that also includes the isometric adventure Oquonie.

The dark world of Hiversaires features an original Aliceffekt soundtrack to lure you through its entangled corridors.


Entaloneralie is an experimental time observation device, in the lines of Bifurcan.

While the old design displayed a circular layout and binary type format. The redesign explores an entirely different system of displaying minutes and is meant to be a toy, a distraction.


Donsol is a solitary card game, designed by John Eternal in which you must go through the deck in sequences of 4 cards.

The Donsol rules to play with a standard deck of cards can be found here, and a gameplay video tutorial here.


The game was released for Mobile back in 2016, and re-released for Desktop in 2017 as Hundred Rabbits. While the game was designed on a train, without internet connection, it seems like Donsol's gameplay accidentally ended up being a twist to Zach Gage and Kurt Bieg's Scoundrel, designed in 2011.


Dew is a minimalist alarm app, designed to set up nap/sleeping alarms with a simple flick.

The application will then wake you with a soft white noise tone that will gradually bring you back to reality.


Alphavetist is a minimalist alphabet learning application for iOS.

Currently included are the Hebrew, Cyrillic, Korean, Inuktitut, Greek, Morse and Japanese alphabets.


Noirca is a minimalist Black & White camera application for iOS that launches instantly, without prompts and without social connects - simple, clean.

The app has one purpose, to launch quickly and render the photos with a softly washed out B&W film quality.


Oquonie is a textless puzzle game created in collaboration with illustrator Rekka Bellum.

You will not be alone, your incarnations will have the help of bizaroid characters speaking an obscure language.

Oquonie features an original Aliceffekt soundtrack and was best described as Animal Crossing in a K-Hole.

Find your way across an intertwined megastructure.


Markl is an upcoming game released as Hundred Rabbits.

More details shortly.


Rafinograde is a minimalist sketching app generating procedural and animated strokes, or simply, a distraction.


Verreciel is a virtual space exploration project in which you must learn to use your Glass Ship's consoles, and find your way aboard this fragile habitat.

The game joins the sequence of linguistically involved projects like Nataniev, Hiversaires and Oquonie. You can follow the development of the game on Twitter.


Vocavularist, is a Japanese, Russian & Korean vocabulary review program for iOS.

It contains the 600 first kanji, 600 simple Russian words and 800 simple korean expressions.

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