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Merveilles was a mini MMORPG for handhelds(iPod, iPad, Android, webOS) and computer. It was coded by my friend at Deeo and designed by me. There isn't much to it but walking around, and helping other players to walk around.


You are a little explorer in an empty brown world of rocks and monsters. You want to go down as far as you can, each level has a staircase that will bring you deeper into the endless pit of Grind. You might meet other players down there who may need your help, click on them to cast a heal. As you loose your health points battling monsters and your magic healing players you will need to find a Well to get back your HPs and MPs.

You move around using the arrow keys or by clicking to the edge of the viewport. You can interact with the bouncy creatures and a few NPCs by running into them, and with other players with the Icon Chat. You can go down the stairs as long as you want for there is no limit, but as you go down the stairs the creatures becomes tougher. It is recommended to go down with a team mate or you might have a hard time coming back to a Healing Well.

This game is not meant to have an extensive gameplay, but only to fulfil your daily grinding needs. You can draw symbols to the other players by opening the Icon Chat by clicking on your avatar.

I Am Lost

As you level up, you will need to alternate between finding Wells and other players. If you are lost, because you will, and you need to go back to a home town. Find a black dog, they will teleport you back to floor the portal room, they can be found every few floors.

Heal & Raise

To heal another player, this player player needs to be bellow 15HP and you may heal him by walking to him or clicking on his avatar. To raise a dead player you need to be level 30 and click on his ghost.

Have fun in Merveilles.

Devine Lu Linvega © 2015 BY-NC-SA 4.0
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