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Getting Marabu running is not unlike Ronin, the only technical requirement is to know how to launch localhost on your specific machine.

cd ./Marabu 1. Navigate to the repositorypython -m SimpleHTTPServer 8033 2. Launch localhost with pythonhttp://localhost:8033/ 3. Now open this url in your browser



Each column is an instrument, there are 8 instruments that can play simultaneously. Update the value in the form to change the song speed. After selecting a cell, press a key between 0-9 or A-F to select a pattern id.

0-9 a-f Input pattern id in selected cell


Pressing space will play a pattern, pressing escape will stop. To copy a pattern, select one or multiple cells, and press c. To paste it, select a destination cell and press v. The column to the right of the Pattern Sequencer, is the MOD column. Selecting a cell and moving a slider will record the change.

Shortcuts c Copy Selection v Paste Selection [ Selection Octave Up ] Selection Octave Down } Selection Note Up { Selection Note Down space Play Pattern escape Stop


At rest, Marabu falls back to instrument mode. In this mode, you can press the keyboard keys to play notes, without it recording. It's the perfect place to test a new instrument.

Keyboard a Note C s Note D d Note E f Note F g Note G h Note A j Note B w Note C# e Note D# t Note F# y Note G# u Note A#Shortcuts z Octave Down x Octave Up [ Previous instrument ] Next instrument



To export content, simply use the icons top right, and bottom right of the GUI. To import, drag the files onto the browser window.

.wav Download audio track as wav file.


You can export and import fragments of a project.

.json Export instruments, patterns and sequence. .kit Export multiple instruments, without patterns. .instrument Export only the active instrument and name. Binary Export everything.guidestub
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