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The Interactive Portal contains all the released interactive applications.

The interactive project list contains various completed and unreleased experiments and games for iOS, desktop and browser.


This list shows all of the desktop projects built of the last few years.

Domine guide

Domine is a simple game to play with dominoes designed by Hundred Rabbits.

Every domino has 2 values, which we will call Attack/Defence. So a domino with both 6 and 2 values, can be used as both 6/2 and 2/6. You can watch our video guide.


Each player draws 7 random tiles.

To determine which player begins, both players flip a tile, the player with the highest combined value is the attacking player.

The Draw Phase

The Attacking Player(AP) can forfeit their attack by exchanging a tile for a random one from the draw pile. In that case, the opponent becomes the Attacking Player.

The Turn Phase

The AP chooses an attacking tile from their hand, and plays it vertically toward the Defending Player(DP). From the perspective of the AP, the top value is the attack value, the bottom value, the defense value.

The AP chooses a defending tile from their hand, and puts it vertically toward the Defending Player.

A game lasts 7 rounds.

A Basic Turn

The AP puts 8/4
The DP puts 5/6
The DP tile is killed by the AP tile. (8 > 6)
The AP wins the turn, the BP tile is flipped.

A Blocking Turn

The AP puts 8/4
The DP puts 3/8
The DP tile is blocked by the AP tile. (8 !> 8)
The turn is a stand-still, no tiles are flipped.

A Counter-Attacked Turn

The AP puts 8/4
The DP puts 5/9
The DP tile is blocked by the AP tile. (8 !> 9)
The DP tile counter-attacks with 5.
The AP tile is killed by the DP tile. (5 > 4)
The DP wins the turn, the AP tile is flipped.


This collection of mobile apps constitutes a series of games, tools and experiments about interative design and linguistics. The development and patches are tracked across the Echorridoors repositories.


A collection of interactive projects playable from your browser.


A list of projects that were abandoned or simply put on indefinite hold and unsupported, with their source code available.

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