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Hundred Rabbits, is a nomad design studio founded by Rekka Bellum and Devine Lu Linvega aboard a sailboat.

This partnership is host to interactive projects like Oquonie, Grimgrains and travel diaries. A Patreon page is available to help fund the production of monthly videos and liveaboard documentation.

Living on a sailboat might be quite foreign for most people, as it once was for us. This selection of questions and answers will try to address the recurring requests. If you want to add to this list, ask your questions as comments here.

Our Workstations

Dutesamber 18, 2016

This is a picture of my workstation on Pino, next to the breaker panel and below the rardar.


Tridesamber 4, 2015

The name comes from the sailboat's name in the Japanese show Ergo Proxy.

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Pentesamber 9, 2017
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