Horaire is a time tracking tool that graphs and compiles daily logs into creativity forecasts.
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6 months ago ~Anonymous
i dont know programming but i want make tool like this. what should i do or is it possible
6 months ago ~Anonymous
It is possible, i would be happy to help.
6 months ago ~Anonymous
What is the type of information that you log each day in Horaires
6 months ago ~neauoire
You can have a look at this file, its the maintained list of logs.
5 months ago ~Anonymous
Hi Devine. I read your maximalism philosophy and how you want to spend your life accelerating the arts and sciences. You even designed this tool to help steer your productivity towards these goals. However, you seem to have a better chance at accelerating the arts than the sciences. Scientists need about 6 years of formal training before they enter their field of study. Unless youre willing to put in the training to become a scientist, the scientific community may ignore you. For groundbreaking research think radar, Internet, etc. like the NSF does, you would need to perform basic research which costs billions of dollars. I dont think you have the finances, time, or skills to truly undertake such an endeavor. While your efforts may be wasted in science, I doubt it would be wasted in the arts. You make music, design video games and apps, code, write, and travel the world. Why not pursue that instead and borrow concepts from science to realize that. In the long run, you would be much more effective focusing on your core skills and recognizing your limits. Why not simplify and take your polymath skills and realize something the world never even conceived of before. Play to your strengths Devine, and you will change the world.Then again, this is just the words of an internet stranger. Take my words with salt.
5 months ago ~neauoire
Hi stranger. Thank you for your message. Sciences are broad, and while I might not be doing work on radar or rocket fuel, a lot of my recent work lives in the field of epistemology and artificial intelligence. I am not looking for recognition in scientific papers but in existing in the middle, I find balance.
5 months ago ~Anonymous
Thank you for responding. I hope you find your balance. By the way, what kind of artificial intelligence are you working on
5 months ago ~Anonymous
Im working on a personal assistant tool and operating system. Its language processing tools include basic neural networks. Rekka and I are also working on something in the vein of AI called Markle, in which AI compete against each other.

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