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5 months ago ~Anonymous
do you still have the hiversaires guide online somewhere
4 months ago ~Anonymous
can you post a key for what traumae symbols in hiversaires go to each construct. Also what is with the blue girl from what i can gather(from the info off github) she is one of nine illusions in the game. How can i find the other, is the normal ending(that all walkthroughs use) not the only ending.
4 months ago ~Anonymous
Got back to your through email. ~ neauoire
3 months ago ~Anonymous
this seems the best spot to post this, sorry if it is not.lietal. I figured it out after months of searching and piecing things together, but there are multiple charts i found for the aeths translations. one from back when xa wasnt counted as an aethlets call it traum, one that works with hiversairestraumae,and one on this wiki right nowlietal. what are your plans for the conlang
3 months ago ~neauoire
Right now, I would like to complete the divieths and then use Lietal across the XXIIVV ecosystems.

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