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Damoiseau canalx

Damoiseau Canalx is the first single for the Fourth wave, in the spirit of Blam, that explores industrial sounds within darkstep and 2-step styles.

The album was recorded live, at Passport in Montreal during the last AMP event and is being released as-is.

The album was composed as side project while working on Ten Axitecture and includes bits and pieces from Blam.


Supervisitor is the third album of Aliceffekt's Fourth wave. It was performed live at the Dodecae event in Toronto on December 6th, and was written for Arturia's analog and monophonic Microbrute synthetiser. The album navigates between dark electro, idm and even hard trance at times.


Trapezoid is Aliceffekt's second release produced on Arturia's MicroBrute - making it a sort of sequel to Supervisitor. The album was recorded live at the Ghost Train party, on July 22nd 2015.

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