The First Wave contains material mostly unrelated to the Neauismetica and proto-Aliceffekt.

Regionsteam snowdays

Regionsteam Snowdays is the first official Aliceffekt release.


Downtemperature is the first Aliceffekt EP, released originally as three albums First Air & Last Aid, Goneplains and Downtemperature.

The three albums were consolidated into a single release in 2017, this album was also never performed live.


Blam is an improvisational album created as a live performance, that ultimately fell through.

Vert kirlian theatre

The Vert Kirlian Theatre was created during on a long train ride, on the Yamanote line, during my first trip to Tokyo.

This release inspired the creation of From Saharaphorest.

Ann yozora saint

Ann Yozora Saint was originally released as two albums, Ann Yozora Saint and Lu's Floral Funeralis, they were consolidated into a single release in 2017.

Nether esper inserts

Nether Esper Inserts was originally released as two albums, Nether Esper Inserts and Howls Virgil Systems, they were consolidated into a single release in 2017.

Libri Qvinti Appendice.wav
Visiting God First Era.wav
Gyroscope VI.wav
Theorem of Theories.wav
Wise Persons.wav

Otoroutes miniatures

Otoroutes Miniatures was created especially for the first large Toy Company festival.

Idyllic miners

Idyllic Miners was created for the Kinetik Festival.

Damoiseau canalx

Damoiseau Canalx was created in the spirit of Blam, exploring industrial sounds with 2-step styles.

The album was recorded live, at Passport in Montreal during the last AMP event and is being released as-is.

The album was composed as side project while working on Ten Axitecture and includes bits and pieces from Blam.


Korben Dallas (Morning Scene)
Pop In The Year 9000
Blam, Le Passage Sacrilege
A Thousand Times Parix

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