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Donsol, created in collaboration with John Eternal, is a card game about exploring a dungeon made of a standard 54 poker card set.

The Donsol rules to play with a standard deck of cards can be found here, and a gameplay video tutorial here.


The game was released for Mobile back in 2016, and re-released for Desktop in 2017 as Hundred Rabbits. While the game was designed on a train, without internet connection, it seems like Donsol's gameplay accidentally ended up being a twist to Zach Gage and Kurt Bieg's Scoundrel, designed in 2011.

Desktop Donsol

Unesamber 13, 2017

Released a new Donsol build, with improved UI and entirely redesigned vector graphics working on all platforms.

Progress on Donsol

Tridesamber 16, 2016

Here's the upcoming Donsol build running on iPhone.


Tetresamber 8, 2015


Trisesamber 10, 2015

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