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The Directory is a curated list of timeless art that I often refer to.

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Flatland, Edwin A. Abbott. 1884Le Matin Des Magiciens, L. Pauwels & J. Bergier. 1960Le Città Invisibili, Italo Calvino. 1972Ficciones, Jorge Luis Borges. 1941No.44, Mark Twain. 1916Kybalion, Three Initiates. 1908La Ricerca della Lingua Perfetta nella Cultura Europea, Umberto Eco. 1993Consolations in Travel, Sir Humphry Davy. 1830Blumroch l'admirable, Louis Pauwels. 1976The Book Of Tea, Okakura Kakuzō. 1906


Last Life In The Universe, Pen-Ek Ratanaruang. 2003Solaris, Steven Soderbergh. 2002Wristcutters: A Love Story, Goran Dukic. 2006Mais ne nous délivrez pas du mal, Joël Séria. 1971Faust, Jan Švankmajer. 1994เรื่องรัก น้อยนิด มหาศา, Pen-Ek Ratanaruang. 2003Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Tom Stoppard. 1990My Dinner with Andre, Louis Malle. 1981Valerie A Týden Divů, Jaromil Jireš. 1970The Legend of Suram Fortress, Sergei Parajanov. 1985Na srebrnym globie, Andrzej Żuławski. 1988茶の味, Katsuhito Ishii. 2004Cat Soup, Tatsuo Satō. 2001


Weighing Souls With Sand, by Angelic ProcessHoneySuckle Æons, by Current 93顕信の一撃, by 友川カズキIl y a, by 夢中夢Хтонь, СрубVoid();, Access to ArasakaNoise Of The New, by Seven Ark人間まがい, by 山崎ハコ田園に死す, by J.A.シーザーCello Concerto in E minor, Op. 85, by Edward Elgar救済の技法, by 平沢 進Noon Moon, by Nookicky


Eve Online: Apocrypha, CCP GamesMDK, ShinyPersona 2: Innocent Sin, AtlusJet Set Radio Future, SmilebitIkaruga, TreasureRiven, Cyan InteractiveQuake 3 Arena, idDrowned God, Inscape
Oscean In DevelopmentDotgrid 2016—2017Rotonde In DevelopmentRonin 2016—2017Marabu 2017Left 2017Nataniev In DevelopmentLietal 2007—2017Markl In DevelopmentHoraire In DevelopmentVerreciel 2013—2017Getapan 728k 2017Paradise 2011—2017Oquonie 2013—2017Known magye 2013—2017Collected works 2008—2017Children of bramble 2012—2017Dei dain 2013—2017Thousand rooms 2017Supervisitor 2014—2017Superworker 2017Extended sleep 2015—2017Donsol 2015—2017Portalion 2016Vocavularist 2013—2016Verreciel soundtrack 2016Domestic Moire 2016Bifurcan 2013—2016Mute In DevelopmentNoirca 2014—2015Keyboard 468 2014—2015Alphavetist 2013—2015The opal inquisitors 2015Looking glace 2015Dew 2014—2015Hiversaires 2013—2015Rafinograde 2014—2015Entaloneralie 2013—2015Eschatolor 2015Ledoliel 2014—2015Malice 2008—2015Ramiel 2015Miniscopie 2015Damoiseau canalx 2014Purgateus 2014Vast 2014Telekinetic 2013Milavrega In DevelopmentEhrivevnv Studies 2012—2013Nor let the fools 2013To The Aeons Hell 2010—2012Vetetrandes lettres 2012Pico battle 2012Es gulf sunflowers 2011—2012Volkenessen 2012From Saharaphorest 2011The Sixth Season 2011Blam 2011Vermillionth 2011Pico 2010Merure 2009—2010Idyllic miners 2010Ann yozora saint 2009—2010Shikanokoa vs 1h1d 2010Pedestrian paradise 2009Nether esper inserts 2008—2009Otoroutes Miniatures 2009Downtemperature 2007—2008Vert kirlian theatre 2008Regionsteam snowdays 2006
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