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Dinaisth is both the name of a marble, and that of the continent arbouring the Offices of the Immortal Birds in the Neauismetica.


Notable for its blue rooftops, the circular city displays a tall spire at its center. The city lends its name to the Neauismetica for it was the origin of all life in Dinaisth and the first sighting of Lietal. The city exists at the center of the vast ocean of Kanikule.


Being an infinite cyan space, an immortal will spend an infitite amount of time crossing the ocean, effectively reaching the outer-shores mortal. Reaching the island, coming from the outtet-shores is not feasable.


The warm desert of Dinaisth is host to the Rlionn Oasis, a blackened ditch home to the mortal clones of its violent host.


The observable portion of the island appears as broken structures remains of the city that once stood there, called Yajnev.

As you would approach the epicenter of the bound city, time is unmoving. It is said that, at its center, one can find the corpse of an ancient Immortal Birds, who's head was filled with void and so it is believed that the Neauismetican universe exists within its mind and that the space within its skull is the only true dimension.


The Duomo plateau rises far above the lightest atmosphere of Dinaisth.

Various types of plants manage to emerge from the frozen grey soil, a similar soil is found around of Paradichlorisse suggesting that the soil is in fact ancient organic matter.

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