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The Dictionaery is a list of all the known Lietal words.

Again Preposition lila more(single)
And Preposition si with()
Assembled Relation sako united(children)
At Preposition ka location()
Automation Direction rido outward(synthetic)
Basket Structure doasok dosako synthetic(united,children)
Black Color lyafos lyfaso counter(to_see,without)
Blue Color lyafloik lyfaloki counter(to_see,less,parent)
Book State toait totati physic(phisionomic,psychologic)
Bye Expression viri positive(outward)
Can Preposition ja possible()
Cannot Preposition jo impossible()
Color Counter lyfa counter(to_see)
Dangerous Alignment voifat vofita negative(to_make,phisionomic)
Directly Modality jira certain(position)
Documentation State taikit takiti phisionomic(parent,psychologic)
Event Hierarchy kodi children(complex)
Everyone Preposition sädal sadala united(organic,single)
Everything Preposition saodal sadola united(synthetic,single)
Eye Structure dafa organic(to_see)
Fast Counter lira more(position)
Father Structure dairik dariki organic(outward,parent)
Few State talo phisionomic(less)
From Preposition ro inward()
Future Time Marker diri complex(outward)
Good Alignment vi positive()
Grandfather Structure dairkï darikiki organic(outward,parent,parent)
Grandmother Structure daorkï darokiki organic(inward,parent,parent)
Grandparent Structure daikik dakiki organic(parent,parent)
Green Color lyafol lyfalo counter(to_see,less)
Grey Color lyafas lyfasa counter(to_see,united)
Hand Structure dafi organic(to_make)
Heart Structure dafo organic(to_be)
Hello Expression viro positive(inward)
He she Pronoun lara single(position)
His her Pronoun koalar kolara children(single,position)
Hood Structure doikat dokita synthetic(parent,phisionomic)
House State toakof tokafo physic(location,to_be)
How Question Word jafy possible(interaction)
I Pronoun laro single(inward)
Idea Hierarchy koti children(psychologic)
Imperative future Time Marker dïjir dijiri complex(certain,outward)
Imperative negative future Time Marker dïjjoir dijijori complex(certain,impossible,outward)
Imperative negative past Time Marker dïjjör dijijoro complex(certain,impossible,inward)
Imperative negative present Time Marker dïjjoar dijijora complex(certain,impossible,position)
Imperative past Time Marker dïjor dijiro complex(certain,inward)
Imperative present Time Marker dïjar dijira complex(certain,position)
In Preposition ko children()
Kiss Structure daivat davita organic(positive,phisionomic)
Large State tari phisionomic(outward)
Less Counter lo less()
Life Direction rida outward(organic)
Man Structure dari organic(outward)
Many Preposition le multiple()
More Counter li more()
Morning Direction ridi outward(complex)
Mother Structure daorik daroki organic(inward,parent)
My Pronoun koalor kolaro children(single,inward)
Name State tidy psychologic(structure)
Near Preposition sika with(location)
Negative future Time Marker diojir dijori complex(impossible,outward)
Negative past Time Marker diojor dijoro complex(impossible,inward)
Negative present Time Marker diojar dijora complex(impossible,position)
Night Direction rodi inward(complex)
No Expression vo negative()
Normal State tara phisionomic(position)
On Preposition ki parent()
Organ Hierarchy koda children(organic)
Our Pronoun koelor kolero children(multiple,inward)
Outside Preposition kika parent(location)
Parent Structure daki organic(parent)
Part Hierarchy kodo children(synthetic)
Past Time Marker diro complex(inward)
Path Relation saka united(location)
Please Expression javi possible(positive)
Potential future Time Marker diajir dijari complex(possible,outward)
Potential negative future Time Marker diojjair dijojari complex(impossible,possible,outward)
Potential negative past Time Marker diojjaor dijojaro complex(impossible,possible,inward)
Potential negative present Time Marker diojjär dijojara complex(impossible,possible,position)
Potential past Time Marker diajor dijaro complex(possible,inward)
Potential present Time Marker diajar dijara complex(possible,position)
Present Time Marker dira complex(position)
Pretty Alignment vita positive(phisionomic)
Red Color lyafol lyfalo counter(to_see,less)
Slow Counter lora less(position)
Small State taro phisionomic(inward)
Speed Counter lyra counter(position)
Stranger Structure dasu organic(unrelated)
Their Pronoun koelar kolera children(multiple,position)
They Pronoun lera multiple(position)
Time Direction ridi outward(complex)
To Preposition ra position()
Today Structure dila complex(single)
Tomorrow Structure dialil dilali complex(single,more)
Toward Preposition ri outward()
To add Interaction fili to_make(more)
To ask Interaction faoraj faroja to_see(inward,possible)
To be Interaction fo to_be()
To become Interaction fori to_be(outward)
To build Interaction fito to_make(physic)
To combine Interaction fisi to_make(with)
To come Interaction foro to_be(inward)
To divide Interaction fiso to_make(without)
To draw Interaction fita to_make(phisionomic)
To give Interaction firi to_make(outward)
To go Interaction fori to_be(outward)
To hold Interaction fira to_make(position)
To listen Interaction faro to_see(inward)
To name Interaction fätit fatati to_see(phisionomic,psychologic)
To read Interaction fätit fatati to_see(phisionomic,psychologic)
To remember Interaction faidor fadiro to_see(complex,inward)
To remove Interaction filo to_make(less)
To say Interaction fari to_see(outward)
To see Interaction fa to_see()
To show Interaction fari to_see(outward)
To stay Interaction fora to_be(position)
To take Interaction firo to_make(inward)
To talk Interaction faerit fareti to_see(mobile,psychologic)
To understand Interaction fati to_see(psychologic)
To walk Interaction foirloar forilora to_be(outward,less,position)
To warn Interaction fairjaov farijavo to_see(outward,possible,negative)
To waste Interaction filu to_make(null)
To wear Interaction foatok fotako to_be(phisionomic,children)
To write Interaction fiti to_make(psychologic)
Under Preposition koto children(physic)
Violet Color lyafel lyfale counter(to_see,multiple)
We Pronoun lero multiple(inward)
What Question Word jado possible(synthetic)
When Question Word jadi possible(complex)
Whenever Preposition saidal sadila united(complex,single)
Where Question Word jaky possible(hierarchy)
Which Question Word jaly possible(counter)
White Color lyafis lyfasi counter(to_see,with)
Who Question Word jada possible(organic)
Will Preposition ji certain()
With Preposition si with()
Woman Structure daro organic(inward)
Woods Hierarchy kädod kadado location(organic,synthetic)
Yellow Color lyaflök lyfaloko counter(to_see,less,children)
Yes Expression vi positive()
Yesterday Structure dialol dilalo complex(single,less)
You Pronoun lari single(outward)
Your Pronoun koalir kolari children(single,outward)
Yous Pronoun leri multiple(outward)
Yousr Pronoun koelir koleri children(multiple,outward)

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