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The Diary contains photographic logs within Horaire.


Pentesamber 25, 2017

This case shields the Instrument from salty sprays and moisture.

Immortal Birds

Pentesamber 13, 2017

This beautiful bird landed on Pino's bow today. A perfect picture for the Language portal. A wink to Language of the birds.

Cat has a visitor.

Pentesamber 9, 2017

Today we completed the first draft of our upcoming book Thousand Rooms.

Pocket Operator

Tetresamber 10, 2017

The album was recorded and mastered while crossing the Pacific Ocean onboard Pino.


Trisesamber 14, 2017

My very favourite thing about the Marquesas was pamplemousse, which we shortened to The Pampel and had at least twice a day during our stay. I keep this picture only so I never forget this tasty fruit.


Trisesamber 9, 2017

The Yamaha 33

Dutesamber 16, 2017


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Hexesamber 2, 2017
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