The missing link to the Nataniev Suite was a proper native IDE.

Tooling, Octesamber 25, 2017

By the caves, of the northern fort, stands our friend Stu from SV Sula.

Stu, Octesamber 20, 2017

The Coastline, Octesamber 19, 2017

We spent the last few hours of the day swimming in this pool of fresh water descending from the caves.

Limu Pools, Octesamber 18, 2017

Descent Way, Octesamber 17, 2017

Move to Niue, Octesamber 15, 2017

Implemented Entaloneralie into Nataniev as the native Clock application.

Entaloneralie Native, Octesamber 3, 2017

Pages from Knights Of Sidonia, to be held at the top of the Japanese notes as it was one of the first Japanese books that I attempted to translate.

Sidonia, Sevesamber 28, 2017

Nakano, Sevesamber 27, 2017
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Desamber 16, 2017
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