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The Diary contains photographic logs within Horaire.

Strides were made on Marabu toward creating a stable music writing application.

Almost Stability, Desamber 9, 2017

Create a small writing application called Left.

Release 1, Novesamber 22, 2017

Created a series of mountain renders for the release of Getapan 728k.

Mt. Eyn, Novesamber 20, 2017

Improved the Paradise layout, as well as cleaned many of the in-game help and documentation.

Injection, Novesamber 19, 2017

My favourite design is the one that you cannot tell is there.

Removed everything, Novesamber 12, 2017

Started a little document with notes on offline life.

V Berth Library, Novesamber 4, 2017

Built a Nataniev native version of Marabu tracker music sequencer.

Version 2, Novesamber 1, 2017

Wrote a few notes on objectivity and realism, under the Philipp Traum page.

The Beldam, Octesamber 27, 2017

Wrote a simple nutritional guide with basic information on proteins and essential amino acids.

Meal Plan Basics, Octesamber 26, 2017
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Desamber 10, 2017
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