The Diary contains photographic logs within Horaire.

Started a little document with notes on offline life.

V Berth Library, Novesamber 4, 2017

Built a Nataniev native version of Marabu tracker music sequencer.

Version 2, Novesamber 1, 2017

Wrote a few notes on objectivity and realism, under the Philipp Traum page.

The Beldam, Octesamber 27, 2017

Wrote a simple nutritional guide with basic information on proteins and essential amino acids.

Meal Plan Basics, Octesamber 26, 2017

The missing link to the Nataniev Suite was a proper native IDE.

Tooling, Octesamber 25, 2017

By the caves, of the northern fort, stands our friend Stu from SV Sula.

Stu, Octesamber 20, 2017

The Coastline, Octesamber 19, 2017

We spent the last few hours of the day swimming in this pool of fresh water descending from the caves.

Limu Pools, Octesamber 18, 2017

Descent Way, Octesamber 17, 2017
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