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Desamber is the time-format of the Nataniev ecosystems.

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The Equal Month calendar has 13 months of 28 days each and the 365th day of the year is the Year Day, preceeded by the Leap Day on leap years.

Today is Undesamber 10, 2017.

The current Nataniev time is 856:851. The clock has 6 digits, where their overall value is a ratio over the completion of the day. For example, Noon is 500, 6AM is 250 and 6PM is 750.

The clock is display in the 000:000 format, where the shortest pulse is equal to 8.64 milliseconds, the second shortest to 86.4 and so on.

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Equivalency Table

Unesamber January 1 to January 28Dutesamber January 29 to February 25Trisesamber February 26 to March 25Tetresamber March 26 to April 22Pentesamber April 23 to May 20Hexesamber May 21 to June 17Sevesamber June 18 to July 15Octesamber July 16 to August 12Novesamber August 13 to September 9Desamber September 10 to October 7Undesamber October 8 to November 4Dodesamber November 5 to December 2Tridesamber December 3 to December 30Year Day December 31
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