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On XXIIVV, dates are written using a variance of the International Fixed Calendar.

The Equal Month calendar format has 13 months and so the number of each of these months are reflected into their names.

Today is Trisesamber 26, 2017

Every month is 28 days long, and the 365th day of the year is the Year Day, followed by the Leap Day on leap years.

01 Unesamber 02 Dutesamber 03 Trisesamber
04 Tetresamber 05 Pentesamber 06 Hexesamber
07 Sevesamber 08 Octesamber 09 Novesamber
10 Desamber 11 Undesamber 12 Dodesamber
13 Tridesamber

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Trisesamber 26, 2017
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