Bifurcan is a cryptic watchface for iPhone, iPad and OS X.

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Every second, the labyrinth reorganize itself to display the time with its twists and turns. It takes a little practice to be able to see the patterns in the lines. Clicking on the screen will unveil the time as seen in this video. The original application was created in 30 minutes for a micro jam.

If you have a Pebble Watch, you can download it as a watchface, the Pebble C script was written by Chase Colburn and is also available on Github. The screensaver version was done by Tekgo and was also added to the source code.

Named after a Borges short.

Bifurcan Die, Unesamber 4, 2016

Screensaver, Octesamber 13, 2014

Update, Sevesamber 3, 2014
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Sevesamber 11, 2017
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