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Created in collaboration with Elodie Lareine, Beldam Records is a label focusing on pop idm and experimental dance music.

Each release is 4 tracks long, and includes an animation video version of the album art.


Eschatolor is the fourth release on the Beldam Records catalog.

Written by Катя Тевелизион, this album was inspired from russian number stations.

It was recorded playing through the FM band, from the EFLI 103.0Mhz pirate radio station in Montreal, giving it its texture and warmth.

Looking glace

Following Miniscopie, Looking Glace is Reine's second release on Beldam Records.

Painting a harsher, and more complete picture of her acoustic universe where the liquid sounds and suffocating vocoder are incessantly present.


Delion's Den
Sunflowers & You & I
Vertical Mansion Annex


Miniscopie is the second release on the Beldam Records catalog, and first album of Reine.

Written by Reine, this album combines ambient and deep IDM flavoured sounds. The album is the first music release from Elodie, who also created the Vast book.


Cybil Calling
Fox & Chronologique


Ramiel is the third release on the Beldam Records catalog.

Written by Villa Moirai, this album is an even mixture and techno and idm. The album name and cover are a tribute to the geometric angel of the Evangelion anime series.


Prism 01
Prism 02
Prism 03
Prism 04

Ten axitecture

Ten Axitecture is the first release on the Beldam Records catalog. Written by Aliceffekt, this album combines acoustic instruments and IDM.

The 4 tracks are interpretations of different fictional worlds that have played a role in the Aliceffekt narrative: Eudoxie from Calvino's Invisible Cities, Borges' Tlon and Schuiten's Citees Obscures.


Simetries of Eudoxie
Cyclopaedia of Tlön
Journaux of Urbicande
Opaques of Dinaisth

Verreciel ost

This soundtrack release, written by Aliceffekt for the mobile application Verreciel, features a fair dose of breaks and Beldam's signature vocoded synths.


Loiqe Record
Valen Silence
Senni Market
Usul Fog

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