A collection of twitter games and chatbots, along with their source files.

The will the wisp

Inspired by Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky, The will the wisp is a twitter bot that generates short rhymes.

Sanitize my sanctuaries.

Somewhen future, and secondly obscure.Thus traveled, nor inwardly transient.Upon devices, hopefully devils.Someplace cute, and terribly brute.But thy nautilus is actually nauseous.


Dictionarism is a simple twitter bot that generates -isms from every of every single word of a dictionary and tweets them.



Glossolaliarium is a twitter bot that generates procedural english words by combining various prefixes and suffixes, and try to form definitions of these newly created terms.

Dictcephaladelog: Speech or process of foretelling the future encephalitis.Gramhydrudeic: Characterized by written liquid.Fidcardiboneity: Quality of sound from faith.Centblastbileian: Relating to one who loves the hundred primitives.Ferdynletoid: Resembling version of bear energy.

Advent v

Advent V, is a simple twitter game in the format of the Choose Your Own Adventure.

Players are invited to tell Advent where to go in a choice of locations from a previous tweet.

The project is currently under development.
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