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Diluvium is a jam game made by Henk Boom(FRACT), Dominique Ferland(Playpeep), Renaud Bedard(FEZ) and Devine Lu Linvega, made in 3 days at the Toronto Game Jam of 2012

The game also has a few cheat codes that can be entered in the splash field, ask your friends for these codes maybe someone has found one.


The sounds and sountrack of the game were composed by Aliceffekt. There is 4 versions of the BGM available in the game, some of them are secret tracks.

If you wish to turn off the sounds, type in MUTE in the login field. You might have heard something about cheatcodes, well, if you know any. They must be typed into the login screen.

Patch 1.1

A new version was released on june 15th 2012 including better online accessiblity, animal balancing and minor networking fixes.

You can now name your games and tell your friend to connect to it by name instead of IP! (IP still works, though)
Create a server and wait for a user, or join an anonymous server randomly!
Server no longer needs to forward port 10000
In local mode, AI opponent spawns more/less units per second depending on wins/losses
Options better presented, no more accidental enter key press
Escape key quits to splash

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