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This wiki provides documentation and narrative context for the various Audio, Visual and Research projects of multmedia developer Devine Lu Linvega. If this is your first time around, a good place to begin your exploration is the Diary.

90 Days Activity

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The above Horaire interface displays the current active projects and the amount of hours invested in each during the previous 100 days.

Featured Projects

Left is a simple writing application created to help organize ideas and to write without distractions.Nataniev is an ecosystem of open-source tools.Horaire is a time tracking tool that graphs and compiles daily logs into creativity forecasts.Rotonde is a social feed protocol to exchange daily activity logs.Oscean is a wiki engine built on the Nataniev platform.Ronin is a text-based visual editor designed to draw and automate graphical tasks.


I am currently in Huahine, sailing across the Pacific Ocean toward New Zealand. My access to internet is limited and will not be able to answer emails as frequently. I will get back to you upon landfall.

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