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Welcome to the documentation and playground for the projects of multimedia developer Devine Lu Linvega. This wiki provides narrative context for the Audio, Visual and Research projects. A dictionary and an Issue Tracker are also maintained daily as part of XXIIVV.

If this is your first time around, the Introduction is a good place to begin your exploration. If you wish to stay updated on the development of the latest projects, follow @Neauoire.

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This graph shows the time invested in audio, visual and research projects for the past 3 months. You can see the time logged into projects of the past 10 years by visiting the Horaire module.

JiinDevelopment5 days agoServentinesIllustration6 days agoVerrecielDevelopment14 days agoVerreciel ostComposition23 days agoHundred rabbits28 days agoVerrecielUpdatev1.113 days agoNoircaUpdatev4.15 months agoKeyboard 468Update1.45 months agoAlphavetistUpdatev3.86 months agoParadiseUpdatev1.26 months ago
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